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Menopause can be tough, but change is coming.

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With alina, you can track your symptoms, explore your hormonal health, and get on-demand advice from a community of experts and like-minded women - anytime, anywhere. 

Our women's health experts have developed a completely unique three-step process to support you through your menopause

Step 1: Get your free personalised plan

The expert team at alina use the latest scientific research to recommend the best clinically backed solutions for you.​


Whether you'd prefer a wholly medical or a complementary approach to menopause management (or something in between), we provide you with all the tools and information you need to discover what works best for you. Tailored to your specific symptoms, preferences, physiology

and lifestyle.


Just answer a few quick questions and let us take the confusion of menopause management off your plate.

Step 2: Track your symptoms over time

Use our free symptom tracking tool to gain deeper insight into your symptoms and triggers, how they change over time and which treatment options work best for you.


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Step 3: Access accredited women’s health experts - anytime, anywhere 

Our specialist experts are here for you anytime you need. They offer completely unbiased and clinically valid advice to you from the comfort of your own home. All of our experts are fully accredited by the following organisations.

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